About Us

We’re here to help girls thrive in their relationships so that they can make a difference in their world.

What is Girl’s Ministries?

Girl’s Ministries is about intentional outreach and Christian discipleship for girls. We teach girls biblical truths that will help them learn to make God-pleasing decisions.


To see every girl moving toward a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. We sek to empower girls to realize their importance and potential in the kingdom of God.We seek a future where girls and leaders – through mentoring and discipleship – form lasting, life-changing friendships.


  • Holy Spirit guidance
  • A servant ministry
  • Cultural relevance
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Christ-like character

Fivefold Purpose

  • Winning girls to Jesus Christ through love and acceptance.
  • Teaching girls to obey everything Jesus commanded us-helping girls to develop spiritually and mentally.
  • Providing encouragement, support, and accountability through lasting Christian relationships.
  • Providing an environment for girls to develop their gifts and
  • Acquainting girls with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ our Lord.